Greater Manchester Hackfest 2016


Pokemon Go has taken Manchester and the world by storm as pokemon trainers strive to be the very best and catch them all. People young and old are getting out of their chairs to walk around town and visit local attractions so they can hatch eggs and pick up poke balls from pokestops.

The Challenge

How can we learn from the success of Pokemon Go and utilise technology to help encourage people in the city to become more active or take an active interest in their community.

Can we encourage families to spend more time together in the parks? visit the museums and green spaces of Manchester? Could this be monetised or incentivised?


Tips: Look at how charities, businesses and the development community have used Pokemon Go in novel ways already.

Look at other geolocation projects and apps (Geocaching, Zombies Run! etc), what lessons from Pokemon GO can we apply to these ideas to make something new!

Prizes are Cinema tickets for 2 for each member of the winning team